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Philadelphia Fatal Car Accident Attorney

Fatal car accident attorneys at The Colleran Firm

A fatal car accident brings with it two related but separate legal matters:

  • Determining what caused the crash and who is liable.
  • Preparing a compelling wrongful death claim to recover compensation for surviving next of kin.

Wrongful Death Act and Survival Act Claims

At The Colleran Firm, we have ample experience and a track record of success in car accident cases as well as in wrongful death claims. We are prepared to pursue a claim on behalf of your family under the Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Act and on behalf of the estate under the Survival Act. Family members eligible for compensation under the Wrongful Death Act may include parents, children or spouse of the deceased.

Contact an experienced fatal car accident attorney today to learn how we can help you.

Investigation of Causes of a Fatal Car Accident

Investigating a car accident involves the same concepts whether or not there was a fatality. If we represent your family after a fatal car accident, you can be assured that we will be as determined to recover all available compensation as we would if your family member had survived. We can begin this process right away, even before the estate is opened.

With 40 years of experience, attorneys of The Colleran Firm are prepared to provide the quality representation that your family deserves after someone else’s negligence caused a fatal crash. Our Philadelphia fatal car accident lawyers are on your side and ready to advocate zealously on your behalf.

Was a Family Member Killed in a Car Accident? Contact a Philadelphia Wrongful Death Claim Lawyer Regarding a Wrongful Death Lawsuit.

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