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Broken Clavicle at Birth Legal Representation

A broken collarbone is a type of birth injury often incurred from medical malpractice, let our clavicle injury lawyer at The Colleran Firm help you.

Clavicle fractures are some of the most frequent birth injuries that occur in delivery rooms in Pennsylvania and across the United States. The clavicle, which is also referred to as the collarbone, connects the chest to the shoulder. A newborn clavicle fracture can happen when too much force is exerted during delivery or when proper precautions are not taken to protect the health of the baby.

At The Colleran Firm, we are experienced with the complexities of birth injury claims, including those involving broken clavicles. Speak with one of our lawyers to learn how we may be able to assist your family. For a free consultation with a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer, please contact us online.

Broken Clavicle at Birth Representation in Pennsylvania

A newborn who has suffered a clavicle fracture may have been harmed by the medical negligence of obstetricians and delivery room nurses, including:

  • Use of forceps during delivery
  • Use of vacuum extraction during delivery
  • Force from being pulled through the birth canal

The signs of a fractured clavicle or broken collarbone may not appear at first. Because a newborn cannot tell you when he or she is in pain, it is important to look for signs of this type of injury. These include restricted movement of the affected arm, physical deformity of the affected arm or the child appearing to be in pain when lifted under the arms.

If you feel that the doctor or medical staff may have been negligent during the birthing process, consult with an attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

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