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Philadelphia Attorneys for Forceps Birth Injuries

Birth injury from forceps attorneys at The Colleran Firm

At The Colleran Firm, we represent mothers and babies who have been injured from the improper use of forceps during childbirth. We are experienced with the complexities of medical malpractice injury and wrongful death claims and can help your family seek compensation to cover short- and long-term expenses associated with your baby’s injury.

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What Are Forceps And When Are They Used?

There are occasions during childbirth, such as in the event of prolonged labor, when forceps are required to safely deliver a baby. Forceps are often used when the baby is in distress, when the mother is having difficulty pushing or when the positioning of the baby in the birth canal is incorrect. If forceps are not used properly, they may result in serious birth injuries, including nerve or brain damage.

Seeking Compensation After a Botched Forceps Delivery

When an infant goes too long without oxygen, it can result in severe and permanent brain damage. A forceps delivery can prevent a baby from becoming severely hypoxic or protect the head because of improper positioning. Due to the vulnerability of a baby’s skull, it is critical that the doctor takes the necessary steps to shelter the head and not exert too much force to cause brain damage. Facial nerve damage and cerebral palsy may result from birth injuries from forceps.

Babies are not the only ones at risk during the use of forceps during birth. Mothers also face increased risks for lacerations, urinary tract infections and other injuries.

These injuries from forceps can be catastrophic, leaving the family with enormous medical bills, the need for long-term care and many other concerns.

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