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Are All NFL Players Treated The Same When It Comes To Concussions?

Every week there are reports about more professional athletes suffering from concussions. Lawsuits are pending against the NFL for failing to prevent and treat head injuries. Books and films are steadily coming out about the serious and lasting injuries that result from repetitive brain trauma. And now questions are being asked about whether or not all NFL players are given the same attention regarding concussions as the high profile players like quarterbacks.

Philadelphia brain injury attorneys remain at the ready as head trauma cases are produced practically every weekend. Three quarterbacks were pulled from games in one recent weekend, and the NFL is reportedly taking proper action by making sure that the players are completely free of concussion symptoms before returning to play. Team medical staff put players through a series of tests to ensure that they are ready for more contact, and all eyes are on big name players and their health statuses.

But there are conflicting factors here. No one can deny that head injury occurs in a contact sport. All reliable research says that trauma to the brain is seriously dangerous to long-term brain health. But everyone still wants the players to be on the field as soon as possible after an injury. Coaches and players themselves have been guilty of underreporting concussion symptoms, and team doctors have been pressured to return players to the field before they are ready.

A doctor caring for a person who is suspected to be suffering from a brain injury has to pay attention to many signs of injury like eye focus and confused thoughts. Any doctor, whether a team physician or a doctor in a hospital, has to work to protect the long-term health of a patient by properly advising avoiding activities that can worsen the head trauma.

If a doctor clears someone with a brain injury for physical activity, like say, returning to a professional football field, then they could be guilty of medical malpractice. Failing to recommend the proper course of action could be considered sub-standard care of a patient. If a victim of a brain injury believes that their doctor failed to properly detect or treat their injury, financial compensation may be available to them.

Source: Bleacher Report, “NFL Has Too Many Head Injuries: Wrap Everyone, Not Just QBs, in Bubble Wrap,” Dan Levy, Nov. 13, 2012

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