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Are Many Pedestrians Injured in Traffic Accidents in PA?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is tasked with compiling data on traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities. For purposes of the traffic crash data, NHTSA considers any individual who travels on foot and is involved in a traffic crash as a pedestrian. A pedestrian could be walking, running, jogging, hiking or even sitting or lying down. Furthermore, a traffic crash is any event which involves one or more vehicles.

According to the latest traffic safety facts released last year by the NHTSA, pedestrians were one group that experienced an increase in fatalities and injuries. It was estimated that over 4,740 pedestrians were killed and about 76,000 were injured in 2012 in the U.S. Furthermore, NHTSA estimated that every two hours or so a pedestrian loses their life in a traffic crash and every seven minutes one is injured. Nationally, pedestrians accounted for 14 percent of all traffic fatalities.

The Traffic Safety Facts report by NHTSA noted that in Pennsylvania the total traffic fatalities were about 1,310. Out of those, about 163 were pedestrian fatalities. Though pedestrian fatalities in Pennsylvania are below the national average of 14 percent, Pennsylvania pedestrian fatalities account for about 12 percent of the state’s total traffic fatalities. In Philadelphia, about 107 people lost their lives in a traffic crash in 2012. Out of those 107, 31 were pedestrians.

However, our Philadelphia residents may find it helpful to learn that Philadelphia was awarded over half a million dollars by the NHSTA to address the issue of pedestrian safety, increase enforcement efforts and raise awareness. Despite these positive steps, it is clear from NHSTA data that pedestrians often suffer serious injuries and are killed in traffic crashes. Contacting a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney in such cases may be helpful.

Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “Everyone is a Pedestrian,” Accessed March 9, 2015

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