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Are Philadelphia Surgeons Trained To Use Latest Technology?

When residents of Philadelphia decide that undergoing a surgery is in their best interest, they generally trust that the physician is capable and that the tools used are functioning correctly and are being used correctly. However, in the United States as a whole, that is not always the case. In fact, there have been instances where the technology used during surgery has caused great harm to the patient. Patients harmed by such errors could receive compensation by bringing a medical malpractice suit with representation by an experienced Philadelphia Law Firm

New research has recently found that one in four surgical errors that occur during an operation are caused by technology issues. The more dependent the surgery is on the technology used, the greater the incidence of errors reported. Some of the major reasons cited as to why there are so many technology issues include the surgeons and surgeon assistants’ lack of knowledge as to how to use the technology and equipment, as well as faulty equipment.

Operating room personnel must be fully trained in how to use technology before a surgery. In situations where a surgeon or surgeon’s assistant was not competent in operating surgical technology, that provider could be held liable for injuries if that patient brings a medical malpractice claim arguing negligence. To prove negligence, a plaintiff must prove that there was a duty owed by the surgeon to the patient and the surgeon breached that duty and caused the patient harm. If the victim could prove that the surgeon or surgeon’s assistant lacked to knowledge of how to operate the technology yet still performed the surgery, and thereby caused injury, the patient could be entitled to compensation for medical costs, lost wages and for the pain and suffering associated with the incident.

Philadelphia residents need to be aware of the issues that can arise when undergoing a surgery and of their rights in the aftermath of a medical malpractice injury. Anyone who has been injured by a provider or operating room personnel during a surgery may want to discuss their rights to seek compensation with a Philadelphia Surgical Errors Attorney.

Source: Digital Journal, “Operating room technology issues cause 25 percent of errors,” Jessica Zuzierla, July 28, 2013

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