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Autopsy On Infant Reveals Brain Injury As Cause Of Death

Bringing another life into this world is one of those treasured moments that expectant parents look forward to. It is normal to experience some anxiety, but generally, most parents hope for a healthy baby and a delivery free of complications. Public health initiatives and advances in medicine have drastically reduced maternal and child mortality in the U.S.; however, any Philadelphia birth injury attorney can attest to the fact that there are times where childbirth can go seriously wrong, resulting in harm to the child.

Recently, a young couple was devastated when they had to make the agonizing decision to take their 4-day-old infant daughter off life-support. To make matters worse, the parents had to wait several months while the hospital conducted an autopsy on their daughter to determine the cause of her death.

According to media reports, complications were encountered during the delivery, and shortly after birth, the infant child was transferred to another hospital. Sadly, the infant girl passed away just four days after her birth. The autopsy report did not become available to the parents until several months after her passing and it determined that the infant girl suffered a brain injury which was the result of a fracture to her skull. The hospital is still investigating the incident, and reports indicate that the physician who was involved in the delivery was let go by the hospital a month after the infant’s death.

The grief the parents are undergoing is very difficult to imagine. Parents who otherwise had a healthy pregnancy but experienced a birth injury during delivery resulting in serious harm or death may find peace in holding a negligent healthcare provider or hospital responsible for the harm. During such emotional times it may help to take pause and, when the time is right, consult with a law firm familiar with birth injury cases to determine if filing a lawsuit is the right thing to do.

Source:, “Couple waits months for answers after daughter dies days after birth,” Irika Sargent, April 25, 2014

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