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Birth Injury Lawsuit Results In $13 Million Award

Many expecting couples look forward to the day when they can welcome their child into this world. The birth of a child is a life changing event for parents and their families. Most people are aware of the risks of having a child. However, most people also understand that advances in gynecological procedures have made it possible to have a child more safely than at any other time in history. Nonetheless, despite all the advances in medicine, there are times when things can go wrong and injuries occur.

Pennsylvania residents will find it interesting to learn that recently a jury awarded a 38-year-old woman about $13 million in damages in her lawsuit against the hospital where she delivered her daughter. According to the woman’s lawsuit, her now 5-year-old daughter was disfigured, and cannot fully utilize her right arm because of nerve damage the girl suffered during the child birth process.

During child birth, the baby’s arm was stuck on the pelvic bone, and, rather than performing a cesarean section or using another method to relieve the strain on the baby, doctors apparently pulled down on the baby’s head too hard. As a result, the child had a malformed arm, wears a brace and has endured multiple surgeries. Her injuries are permanent, and the 5-year-old will likely need on-going therapy and help in daily and routine tasks, such as combing her hair and wearing clothes.

The physical and emotional pain that follows such events is difficult to imagine. In addition, the financial cost associated with a birth injury can drain the resources of a family who may not be able to care for their child adequately. For any Philadelphia family that believes that their child has suffered a birth injury due to the negligence of hospital staff, attending physician or resident, should contact a Philadelphia birth injury lawyer to have one’s legal options evaluated.

Source:¬†Mlive, “Genesee County jury awards nearly $13 million verdict in birth trauma lawsuit against Genesys,” Gary Ridley, Oct. 5, 2013

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