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Can I Afford to Pursue a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Can I Afford to Pursue a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Can I Sue My Doctor?

Most victims of medical malpractice would be unable to afford to file a lawsuit against a careless doctor or health care provider if they had to pay the legal cost of a lawsuit up front. The costs would be too great for them to handle.

Medical malpractice costs typically include hiring the services and testimony of one or more expert medical witnesses who can testify that the medical care provided violated the recognized standard of care. Without a successful medical malpractice case, however, many victims will be left paying the medical bills and treatment costs to address the injury they sustained as a result of the carelessness.

Recognizing this dilemma, the medical malpractice attorneys at the Colleran Firm take medical malpractice cases on a contingency fee basis. Let us explain what that means.

What is a Contingency Fee?

Can I afford to file a lawsuit? Philadelphia Medical Malpractice Lawsyers operate on a contingency fee basis so you pay no fees unless they winIn a typical contingency fee arrangement, as described by the American Bar Association, the lawyer and the client agree that the client will not have to pay any attorney’s fees upfront in order to have the lawyer work on his or her case. Instead, the client and lawyer agree that the attorney will receive a certain percentage of any financial recovery that the attorney secures on behalf of the client as compensation. Thus, if a lawyer and client agree that the lawyer will receive 33 percent of any recovery he or she is able to obtain, and the lawyer obtains a $100,000 settlement for his or her client, the lawyer would receive $33,000 as medical malpractice lawyer’s fees.

The Colleran Firm’s No-Win No-Fee Promise

Philadelphia Contingency Fee Lawyers offer no fees until they win your caseThe Colleran Firm’s contingency fee agreement provides that if the lawyer is unable to obtain any compensation for the client’s injuries, then the client is not responsible for paying any attorney’s fees. In other words, if the lawyer doesn’t achieve success for the client, he or she does not get paid.  We understand that while you are going through a difficult time, you do not need additional financial stress. We offer a free evaluation of your case and will explain your legal options.

Who Pays for My Medical Malpractice Costs?

While your medical malpractice case is pending, you are ultimately responsible for making payment arrangements with your medical care providers and other creditors. Providers are often willing to wait if a medical malpractice attorney informs them that there is a pending legal action, this is called a medical lien. Ethical rules prohibit your attorney from loaning you money to pay your bills and expenses, even if you promised to pay such a loan back from any settlement or judgment your attorney obtained on your behalf.

Our Pennsylvania Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help

Pennsylvania medical malpractice attorneys are here to help you get the compensation your deserveThe Colleran Firm is a Philadelphia-based medical malpractice law office that has been helping medical malpractice victims recover compensation for their injuries for years. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for medical malpractice clients who have been seriously and (in some cases) permanently disabled or injured as a result of an avoidable medical mistake. If you or a loved one has been injured by a negligent medical professional, let us help. Call our office or contact us online to discuss your case with us and learn how our experience, knowledge, and dedication can assist you in this time of need.

The attorneys at The Colleran Firm handle serious injury cases caused by health care provider negligence and medical malpractice in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

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