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Comedian Tracy Morgan Injured, Accident Investigation Continues

Our Pennsylvania residents may have heard of the recent multi-vehicle accident that killed at least one individual and critically injured comedian Tracy Morgan. According to reports, the 35-year-old Walmart truck driver, who collided with the limo bus in which Morgan was travelling, turned himself into authorities shortly after the accident. Allegedly, the 35-year-old was working or operating the semi well over the time limits that federal regulations require, or for over 24 hours.

Given that a semi-truck and limo bus were involved in this incident, the National Transportation Safety Board, which conducts accident investigations involving commercial trucks and motor carriers, is currently investigating the accident. However, according to law enforcement, the 35-year-old driver allegedly failed to pay attention to slow-moving traffic in front of him, and despite his attempts to avoid hitting the limo, he hit it from behind. The contact between the semi and the limo caused the limo to not only rotate, but also to overturn. In addition to the limo carrying Morgan, four other vehicles on the road were involved. Thankfully, no one in those vehicles was injured. However, Morgan and two others riding in the limo were injured. Furthermore, one fellow passenger of Morgan’s was killed.

Investigation into the accident continues to determine the cause of the accident and if the truck driver was negligent. A Walmart spokesman noted that if the truck involved in the accident is determined to be at fault, the company would take full responsibility for the harm caused to others.

Accidents happen without notice and can particularly get complex when trucking and other passenger service bus or limo companies are involved. When one is injured, the person or their family may not know what steps to take. During such difficult times, consulting with a personal injury law firm familiar with car accidents may help to understand one’s legal rights, and options.

Source: CNN, “Police: Driver charged in Tracy Morgan crash was awake 24 hours,” Kevin Conlon and Doug Ganley, June 9, 2014

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