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Cop Causes Philadelphia Car Accident; Alcohol At Play

Citizens look to the police force to protect them and aid them in times of need. They trust the police as responsible people who have the public’s best interest at the center of their attention. And that is why Philadelphia car accident attorneys are saying that a recent fender bender has shaken the public’s trust in the police.

A police officer who smelled like alcohol rear ended another car at a stop light, causing the front car to crash into a third car. The police officer has been charged with multiple counts, including driving under the influence, harassment, and reckless endangerment, among others.

A man and his two grandchildren were in the car that was hit first. He said that the officer did show his badge and order the man to pull his car over, but he refused to do so until a marked car arrived on the scene. The children were taken to a hospital to be examined for injuries.

It can be satisfying for a victim to see a criminal prosecution take place, but a criminal case typically yields little-to-no recovery for a victim. A civil lawsuit is generally the most effective way to get financial compensation for property damage, medical bills or pain and suffering that result from an accident.

A plaintiff needs to show that the other driver was negligent, so evidence about the scene of the accident and the driving capabilities of the driver are important. Driving under the influence is always a point in favor of the plaintiff since alcohol reduces reaction time and impairs judgment.

Someone who has suffered injury from an accident, whether physical or financial, should exercise their right to seek compensation for their injuries.

Source: NBC 10 Philadelphia, “Traffic Officer Arrested, Charged With DUI in 3-Car Crash,” Kelly Bayliss, Mar. 12, 2013

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