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Court Orders Drug Company To Pay Due To Birth Defects

When residents in Philadelphia are injured or are suffering ailments, they rely on medical professionals to cure or make them better. The high level of trust and reliability in doctors can cause a patient to suffer greatly, if they experience medical malpractice. Moreover, the patient is not always the only one to suffer. It could affect their loved ones and even their unborn child. When a mother-to-be undergoes treatment that could affect the baby, serious birth defects or a birth injury could occur.

A subsidiary pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson recently lost their Philadelphia jury trial. The complaint focused on the drug Topamax and how this anti-seizure drug caused birth defects. A products liability lawsuit was filed based on this claim, and the jury ordered the company to pay $11 million.

According to reports, the plaintiff claimed that her doctor failed to warn her about the risks of the drug and the risks that it could pose while she was taking it during her pregnancy. This resulted in her son being born with a cleft lip. At trial, it was pointed out that the company was aware of these risks of birth defects, but intentionally kept this information from both physicians and patients.

When medical negligence causes birth injury or birth defects, the child could suffer greatly. In addition, the parents of the affected child could have to endure having their child undergo numerous surgeries and medical treatment. This could cause serious financial burdens. Those affected could file a medical malpractice lawsuit. This could result in compensation being awarded that could be used to cover the costs of medical bills and damages.

Those who believe they have been affected by medical malpractice or their child suffered a birth defect should understand their rights and options. A Philadelphia birth injury lawyer understands these situations and could help address any questions.

Source: The Legal Examiner, “Topamax: Johnson and Johnson, Janssen $11 Million Jury Verdict,” Shezad Malik, Nov. 18, 2013

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