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Customer Files Slip-and-fall Lawsuit Against Major Hardware Store

During the spring and summer months many people look forward to gardening projects and remodeling their homes. Many people will likely visit major hardware stores, such as Home Depot, for remodeling ideas, raw materials and more. As customers in any store, people expect that the premises will be free of hazardous conditions that could injure them, such as slippery floors. Nevertheless, any Philadelphia premises liability lawyer would probably agree that there are times when unsuspecting customers may get hurt at a store because a hazardous condition was not fixed.

Our Philadelphia readers may find it interesting to learn that recently a customer who suffered a slip-and-fall injury at the hardware store Home Depot filed a premises liability after she allegedly injured herself in the fall. According to the customer’s lawsuit filing, the incident occurred sometime in May of 2013. She alleges that when she entered the main hardware store from the garden center, she slipped on the wet floor and fell to the ground. As a result of the fall, the customer allegedly suffered injuries which included a broken foot.

Furthermore, the customer claims that earlier in the day it had been raining, the carpet was wet and there was water around the area where she fell. Consequently, her lawsuit is seeking damages for medical expenses stemming from the incident, pain and suffering and the ensuing loss of wages and enjoyment of life. Her lawsuit alleges that the store failed to properly supervise the area, did not maintain the premises, failed to warn, disregarded the safety of others and failed to notice that an accident could happen yet did not take steps to prevent it.

Sustaining injuries at a store due to a slip-and-fall accident can be physically damaging to the person who suffers the harm. Owners of property have an ongoing obligation to ensure that their premises are free of hazardous conditions, such as a slippery floor. Clearly, there are times when someone may get hurt. Nevertheless, every case is different, and every circumstance is unique. For anyone who believes that they may have been harmed by hazardous conditions in a store, they may want to get more information in order to evaluate facts and legal options.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Rain sodden carpet at Home Depot allegedly causes customer’s slip and fall,” Kyle Barnett, June 3, 2014

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