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Did A Drunk Driver Cause Your Injury? We Can Help

Even though it is illegal to drive a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or some other controlled substance, and despite the fact that all states in the U.S. have laws in place against driving drunk, car accidents which may potentially result in serious injury and even death due to a drunk driver routinely occur.

Following a car accident, seeking medical attention for one’s injuries is of the utmost importance. Many seriously injured individuals and their family do not immediately think of contacting a law firm experienced in representing those who have been injured by a drunk driver. However, personal injury lawyers such as the staff at The Colleran Firm in Philadelphia can help car accident victims rebuilt their lives by holding the negligent drunk driver responsible, and seeking just compensation for one’s injuries.

Car accidents can change the victim’s life, and we understand that following a car accident a person’s life will never be the same. Though any amount of money will not make the victim of a car accident whole and return them to the way they were before the accident, being compensated for one’s injuries may help rebuild one’s life, pay for medical expenses and on-going treatment, and other expenses.

Depending on the severity of the injuries a car accident victim has sustained, they may require on-going physical therapy, and in some cases even disability accommodations such as modifications to one’s car to help with independence and mobility, and modifications in the home to ensure that they can safely access bathrooms and ascend stairs. Furthermore, some car accident victims may require computer technology such as adaptive computer programs to communicate.

Car accident victims who have sustained serious injuries because of drunk driver should consider contacting The Colleran Firm for more information.

The attorneys at The Colleran Firm handle serious injury cases caused by health care provider negligence and medical malpractice in Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

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