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Doctor Sued For Failing To Diagnose Cardiac Condition In Patient

Medicine has made tremendous progress in the last century. This progress has led to an increased life expectancy and improved quality of life for many in Philadelphia and around the country. Furthermore, the search of clinical solutions to age-old problems and new problems is on-going. Physicians receive intensive training in medical school. And given the dynamic nature of healthcare, physicians other healthcare professionals and hospitals must keep abreast of medical advancements.

Yet despite doctors’ education and training, any Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer will agree that medical mistakes and failure to diagnose cases routinely happen.

Pennsylvania residents may find it interesting to learn that recently an Illinois woman filed a lawsuit against a physician and his practice for, among other things, failing to timely order a cardiology consult for her late 54-year-old husband. In her suit she alleges that her husband’s internist not only failed to order a cardiology consult but also failed to identify a blood clot in the coronary artery accompanied by bleeding in the heart and failed to diagnose plaque build-up.

The woman accuses the internist of not ordering the correct tests and failing to perform a proper and adequate physical examination. Her lawsuit alleges that as a direct result of the internist’s failure to take proper measures, her husband suffered a fatal heart attack.

The woman is seeking compensation for medical and funeral expenses, loss of companionship, love, guidance, support and more. She is seeking at least $50,000 for each of the four counts in her lawsuit against the doctor and his medical practice.

Source:¬†Journal-Courier, “Woman files suit against physician,” Sanford Schmidt, Jan. 24, 2014

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