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Drunk Driving Kills One Near Philadelphia

Drinking and driving is all-too-common in a college town, and sadly the combination can result in tragedy. Nearly a year after the accident occurred, the driver in an alcohol related crash is now facing criminal charges associated with the debilitating injury of one of his passengers and tragic death of another.

A car accident near Lincoln University, about an hour from Philadelphia, claimed the life of one friend and permanently changed the life of another when the Lincoln University student got behind the wheel of a borrowed car to drive his two buddies to dinner after he had been drinking.

It is estimated that the driver responsible for the accident was traveling at more than 80 miles per hour when the car hit a tree.

One passenger was killed on impact. The passenger that survived the crash remains in the hospital after suffering a traumatic brain injury, severe burns and the loss of his right foot. He was trapped in the burning car after the accident.

It is unclear if the surviving passenger has the capacity to pursue a civil suit, but his family could sue on his behalf. If his medical condition is expected to continue far into the future, limiting his earning ability and future prospects, family suing on his behalf may be the only option. A negligence suit can yield a variety of damages for a victim like medical expenses, pain, suffering and loss of earning potential. A victim who suffers so greatly because of someone else’s negligence deserves some compensation to assist in the battle to go on.

Source: Lewistown Sentinel, “Lincoln U. student charged in crash that killed 1,” Sept. 28, 2012

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