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Failed Back Surgeries Leave Questions About Medical Negligence

The causes of why some surgeries are not successful can be clear, but sometimes a failed surgery is difficult to explain. Philadelphia surgical errors attorneys note that some surgeries have such a high failure rate that a syndrome is named, like in the case of Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS). Statistics suggest that 5-40% of patients who undergo lumbosacral spine surgery suffer from FBSS.

Patients suffering from FBSS often undergo additional surgeries to attempt to correct the chronic pain associated with FBSS. As a chronic pain condition, FBSS can leave a person riddled with debilitating pain. But researchers are working to promote an alternative treatment called spinal cord stimulation (SCS).

Medical malpractice claims can be difficult to prove in instances where a victim suffers from an illness of unknown origin. But there are still options available to a patient in that situation. One legal doctrine called res ipsa loquitur allows for a plaintiff to recover damages if their injury could not made been caused by anything other than medical negligence.

When it is unclear what went wrong in the course of medical treatment, it is a patient’s right to have the incident fully investigated. Medical professionals undergo lengthy training, but that does not prevent them from making mistakes that can impair a patient’s life permanently. Someone who has been injured during a medical procedure should know that there are attorneys who are skilled at discovering what happened in an accident and finding ways to get the damages to help a victim recover.

Source: Anesthesiology News, “Experts: SCS Underused in Failed Back Surgery Syndrome,” Rosemary Frei, Apr. 2013

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