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Failure To Diagnose Cervical Cancer Can Lead To Complications

Early detection is the key to surviving a wide range of ailments from simple infection to the most aggressive forms of cancer. Philadelphia failure to diagnose lawyers remind women that cervical cancer can be very aggressive, especially if diagnosis is late or a misdiagnosis delays treatment.

Though there are many symptoms of cervical cancer, the only way to detect cancerous cells is to take a sample of cells during a pap smear. Most medical professionals recommend an annual physical exam that includes a pap smear. But medical testing is not always accurate, and that is assuming that the technician who took the cell sample took a proper sample. False negative results are less common than false positives, both occur.

A woman who received a false negative test result and subsequently suffered from the lack of timely treatment should investigate the possibility that the medical professional who performed the pap smear did not take a proper sample or if the lab technician who analyzed the sample did so accurately.

A medical malpractice claim requires that some part of medical diagnosis or treatment was performed negligently, and that can include actual treatment or the omission of necessary treatment. A successful failure to diagnose lawsuit can yield damages for medical bills past and future, pain and suffering, loss of wages due to the inability to work, and various other awards.

Someone who has suffered the advancement of an illness because of a doctor’s failure to diagnose their condition can consider moving forward with a malpractice suit to try to recover some of the financial damage that a serious illness can cause. A skilled attorney can help to recover the most money possible.

Source: The Legal Examiner, “Cervical Cancer – What a Woman Should Know about Symptoms, Dectection [sic], Treatment,” Michael Monheit, Apr. 11, 2013

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