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Family Accuses Doctor, Hospital Of Failure To DiagnoseFamily Accuses Doctor, Hospital Of Failure To Diagnose

It is hard to imagine what parents endure when they lose a child due to the negligence of a healthcare provider. Pennsylvania residents may find it interesting to learn that recently the parents of a 6-year-old boy who died after receiving treatment at an emergency hospital have sued the medical center and the doctor.

In the medical malpractice papers filed recently, the parents allege that a doctor failed to diagnose their son’s medical condition and that the appropriate tests were not ordered during his time at the hospital.

In this case, the 6-year-old accidentally ran into a pole while playing, then fell down on the concrete pavement and hurt his back. When he was taken to the hospital for examination he complained of back pain coupled with discomfort in the upper left abdominal quadrant. The nurse on shift described his complexion as pale and noted that he was writhing in agony.

The doctor who examined him administered pain medication to alleviate the boy’s distress and ordered several tests that included a complete blood count and several liver function tests as well as an abdominal X-ray. After going over the test results and the X-ray, the doctor concluded that the boy was constipated.

In accordance with the doctor’s recommendations the boy was given medicine for vomiting and had more than one enema administered which resulted in several bowel movements. The young child was then discharged from the hospital. Four hours later, he passed away.

When an autopsy was conducted the coroner found an abrasion on the left lateral chest wall, a lacerated left kidney with hemorrhage, intestinal hemorrhage as well as injuries to his pancreas, stomach, right kidney and abdomen. In their lawsuit, the parents allege that the enema treatment disguised the symptoms of the extensive internal trauma that the boy had suffered from his fall on the playground earlier that day.

Medical malpractice lawsuits can get complex, especially if they center on a failure to diagnose. In such cases it may be helpful to talk to a Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer for more information, legal options and to get an honest legal opinion based on the specific facts of one’s case.

Source:¬†Dallas Business Journal, “Children’s Medical, UT Southwestern named in malpractice suit after 6-year-old boy dies,” Bill Hethcock, Feb. 24, 2014

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