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Four Injured In Car Accident, Two Seriously

Each time a person decides to drive a car, they assume a risk. The hope for most is that other drivers on the roads will obey traffic law, observe speed limits and the like. Nevertheless, without warning, accidents can happen causing personal harm, and potentially altering the life of the person and their family forever.

According to Pennsylvania State Police who are investigation an accident on PA Turnpike, indicated that at least two passengers in a SUV were ejected from the vehicle when their SUV rolled over a guide rail after losing control. The vehicle went down a steep embankment. A 7-year-old girl and a 40-year-old woman, who were ejected from the vehicle, were reported to have sustained serious and major injuries respectively. According to police at the scene, the 40-year-old woman was trapped under the car. Both were reported to be in critical condition. However, the driver of the SUV and another 9-year-old passenger in the car sustained only minor injuries.

Preliminary investigations by police indicated that potentially another vehicle, a blue SUV, may have been involved in the accident. This second SUV was reportedly seen leaving the scene of the accident at excessive speeds, and driver was reportedly driving erratically.

For the family of the young 7-year-old girl and the 40-year-old woman in critical condition, it difficult for anyone to understand what their family is going through. During such trying times, families are more likely to direct their energies towards caring for their family members and hoping for their speedy recovery. Many family members may also wonder as to why and how such an accident could happen.

Even though there are no quick answers for such accidents, an individual who has suffered serious injury such as a permanent partial disability which affects their future life, may find closure in holding a negligent driver or party responsible for their actions. It may help to contact a Philadelphia car accident attorney familiar with personal injury lawsuits for legal options.

Source: WPVI, “2nd vehicle sought in Pa. Turnpike crash that left woman, child injured,” Oct. 21, 2013

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