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Hospital's Wrong HIV Diagnosis Could Yield Large Payout

It is normal for people to trust what their doctors and medical professionals tell them regarding a medical diagnosis and to take that information and adjust their lives accordingly if need be. However, sometimes Pennsylvania doctors get the diagnosis wrong and because of those mistakes people suffer. This was the case for one man who trusted a doctor’s diagnosis but ended up suffering from the doctor’s mistake.

A man, and former veteran, is suing a hospital after he was allegedly misdiagnosed with HIV. The alleged wrongful diagnosis happened in 2004 when the hospital ordered a series of HIV tests. The first test came back positive for HIV. However, the second test, a more specific test came back negative. The lawsuit stated that even though the results of the second test came back negative, the doctors proceeded to inform him as to how he can cope with the illness as well as told him that he should begin treatment for the virus.

As a result of the diagnosis, the man greatly altered his lifestyle and engaged in behaviors that he otherwise would not have. Some of what changed was the powerful amount of drugs he had to take daily to combat the supposed virus, as well as engaging in sexual relationships with partners who were also HIV positive, which may have caused him to obtain the virus that he previously tested negative for.

The amount of money the man is suing the medical center for is undetermined. However, as a Philadelphia medication errors lawyer could advise, this man may be entitled to significant compensation for the doctor’s mistake including any medical expenses or pain and suffering caused by the error.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Bobby Russell, U.S. Veteran, Files Lawsuit Claiming HIV Misdiagnosis,” Hunter Stuart, Sept. 3, 2013

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