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How Birth Injuries Can Happen

Understand what situations during pregnancy, labor and delivery can lead to serious birth injuries and what to do if that happens.

The prenatal months should be some of the most joyous for new parents in Pennsylvania. The time between learning about a pregnancy and the arrival of their new bundle of joy can allow a focus on exciting plans for a bright future. However, pregnancy is a medical condition and therefore the risk of complications exists. When these complications are not properly attended to, serious birth injuries can result. The same is true for issues that arise during labor or delivery of babies. Many children have been left permanently disabled and parents searching for help in these situations.

Identifying potential dangers during pregnancy

The range of complications that can arise during any pregnancy is great, making negligent prenatal care a huge problem for both mothers and babies. Sometimes, good monitoring and bed rest is all that is needed to keep everyone healthy. Other times, an early birth is the best way to prevent long-term problems. Delayed action in any case can be serious if not fatal.

As noted by, pre-eclampsia signs include swelling in the hands and feet, high blood pressure and high levels of protein in the urine. If full eclampsia emerges, delivery is generally the only safe treatment.

One danger associated with preeclampsia is a placental abruption. According to the American Pregnancy Association, this happens when the placenta becomes partially or totally separated from the uterus. Blood and oxygen supplies are limited or even cut off which can result in nerve damage to the brain. The APA estimates that as many as 15 percent of babies affected by placental abruptions can die without proper care.

Identifying potential dangers during labor and delivery

Cerebral palsy is perhaps one of the most well-known disabilities that is linked to birth injuries. The online medical resource cites that 20 percent of all people with cerebral palsy are affected by the condition as the result of a birth injury. A delayed delivery in the face of a pregnancy complication, such as preeclampsia, eclampsia or placental abruption, can lead to this as the brain damage that results leads to the disability. Motor control and speech are most often affected and some patients can experience seizures as well.

Erb’s palsy is a disability that displays in the form of paralysis in the arm. indicates it is caused by nerve damage to the shoulder area and can be a sign of improper adjustments or pulling of babies during birth.

Help is available

When faced with the effects of a birth injury, parents may feel at a loss for what to do or where to turn. One thing that is important to do at such times is to contact an attorney to learn how to seek the appropriate compensation.

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