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Improper Dosage Causes Permanent Brain Damage To 3-Year-Old

Surgical procedures can happen in both medical and dental settings. Most people understand that surgery of any kind, however minor, carries some risk. Any Philadelphia Surgical Errors attorney will agree that regardless of the surgical procedure a doctor or dentist is performing they have an obligation to follow generally accepted standards of practice, and have an on-going duty to ensure that adequate diagnosis, treatment and medications are administered to the patient. However, healthcare providers are human and errors resulting in serious injury and death can happen.

Pennsylvania residents may find it interesting, and heartbreaking, to learn that recently the family of a 3-year-old girl, who suffered permanent brain damage due to improper administration of medication during her dental procedure, has filed a lawsuit against the dentist and dental clinic. According to reports, sometime in November last year, the dentist determined that the 3-year-old needed about six fillings and four root canals. The procedure was scheduled for some time in December. The mother of the girl alleges that the 3-year-old was sedated, and left unattended for over 25 minutes after the sedative was administered.

The family of the 3-year-old alleges that the dosage given to their daughter during the procedure was incorrect, and caused the young girl to suffer cardiac arrest. Furthermore, following the cardiac arrest, they allege that the dental clinic was not equipped to handle such a medical emergency. The 3-year-old was later taken to a hospital where a pediatric neurologist stated that the 3-year-old had suffered severe brain damage, and was in a persistent vegetative state. The girl was later moved from the hospital to hospice.

It is very difficult to imagine what the family of the 3-year-old is experiencing. When a medical or dental procedure goes wrong, and the patient suffers serious injury due to the improper use of sedatives, inadequate and sub-standard care, that patient and family may be entitled to compensation for the harm a healthcare professional has caused. Every case is different, and it is essential to consider contacting an attorney familiar with medical or dental malpractice to evaluate the facts.

Source: HNGN, “Finley Boyle Case: Parents Charge Dentist for Causing Drain Damage on Child,” Julie S, Jan. 5, 2014

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