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Injured Pennsylvania State Trooper Awarded $700k After Accident

After sustaining serious injuries in a car accident that reduced her capabilities at work, a Pennsylvania state trooper filed a lawsuit against two defendants. The jury verdict was recently returned in her favor, and Philadelphia car accident attorneys are pleased with the result.

The driver of the work van that rear-ended the state trooper claimed that the brakes on the van had malfunctioned, causing him to lose control. The police had the van examined and determined that the brakes were fine. The trooper suffered serious injuries to her head, neck and back. Because of the nature of her injuries, she could not return to being a patrol officer and is instead working as an officer in a casino.

The jury assessed the accident and the trooper’s injuries, and decided to award her $700,000 in damages. A successful negligence lawsuit for this type of accident can yield damages that compensate a victim for medical bills that have already been incurred or will be incurred in the future, damage to vehicles and lost wages that may result from ongoing physical injuries.

Philadelphia car accident lawyers know that when an accident involves an employee driving a work vehicle, the company that employed the driver may be held liable for damages as well. Vicarious liability allows for recovery from an employer if their employee behaved negligently in the course of employment. This theory helps to ensure that someone who has been seriously injured can get compensation for their ongoing injuries, even if the individual who caused the accident does not have the ability to pay any damages.

Even when it appears that there may be no compensation available after an accident, a skilled attorney will be able to help find a way to get the damages a victim needs to recover.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Phila. jury awards Pa. trooper $700,000 in vehicle accident case,” Jon Campisi, May 2, 2013

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