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Lawsuit Filed Against Hospital For Delayed Treatment Of Sepsis

Medicine is fascinating and many people marvel at the advances humankind has made in the area over the last century. Today, for instance, simple steps by medical professionals to control infection have stemmed the spread of disease. However, microorganisms are very resilient and any Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer will agree that, at times, despite infection control policies, an unattended or missed infection or condition may lead to delayed treatment, worsened condition and even death.

Pennsylvania residents may find it interesting to learn that the spouse of a deceased woman recently filed a lawsuit against a hospital and a couple of doctors for allegedly not treating his wife properly. According to his suit, in May, 2008, his 46-year-old wife was admitted into a hospital after she complained of a severe headache. Thereafter, she was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm and a repair was performed the same day that she was admitted. However, according to the lawsuit, the following day, she started to experience nausea and about a week or so later, not only did these symptoms increase, but she also began to excrete dark body fluids and blood. According to the lawsuit, a little over two weeks following the cerebral aneurysm repair, his wife was diagnosed as being septic and succumbed to sepsis.

The man filed the medical malpractice lawsuit against the two doctors who attended to his wife’s condition and is seeking damages for the wrongful death of his wife, loss of love, affection, chance of survival and physical pain and suffering.

There are times when even though steps are taken by doctors and other healthcare professional to address a medical condition, the condition may not resolve and may worsen. Nevertheless, doctors have an ongoing duty to provide a reasonable standard of care, under the given circumstances. When they fail to do so and harm to a patient results, the doctors may be found to have provided negligent care and be held financially responsible for any injuries to the patient. It is important to remember that every case, circumstance and situation is different and it may help to have the specific facts of one’s case evaluated for a honest legal opinion.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “West Jefferson Medical Center sued for medical malpractice over alleged sepsis death,” Kyle Barnett, July 3, 2014

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