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Liability, Situations And Damages In Premises Liability

Have you or someone you know suffered an injury because of a fall in a store while shopping due to a slippery floor, due to an icy walkway or due to an unmaintained property which created an unsafe condition? If yes, then you may have grounds to file a premises liability lawsuit against the property owner. Philadelphia premises liability lawyers will likely inform anyone interested in learning more about their legal options in a potential premises liability case that all property owners have a legal duty to ensure that their premises are maintained and kept in a reasonably safe condition.

When someone thinks of premises liability cases, slip-and-fall accidents probably immediately come to mind. What people may not know or realize is that premises liability cases also involve cases of animal bites, inadequate security-related cases, property code violations that result in injuries and work and construction-related accidents. However, just because an individual suffers a fall in a store, for instance, that does not automatically mean that the property owner was negligent. Instead, an investigation of the case may be necessary to ascertain if the property owner was indeed negligent.

Premises liability cases are based on the principle of negligence, wherein a party, such as a property owner, has to duty to provide a premises free from unsafe and hazardous conditions. If the property owner fails to do so and injuries to a patron or visitor results, then the property owner may be found negligent in the court of law and the injured party may be entitled to damages.

An injured party may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses stemming directly from the injuries sustained, as well as other damages, such as lost wages and future and on-going rehabilitation costs. In some cases, a premises liability case may get complex due to multiple parties such as property owners, insurance companies and others. Our law firm has helped those who have been injured by negligent property owners by thoroughly investigating cases and negotiating with property owners.

Source: An injured party may find it helpful to visit our premises liability page.

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