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Man Accuses VA Surgeons Of Worsening His Condition

The thought of undergoing a surgical procedure can be unnerving, but for many patients there may be no other option. Those who choose to undergo a surgical procedure hope that the symptoms of whatever ails them will subside after the procedure. For many having surgery is a blessing but for some undergoing a surgical procedure can further worsen one’s existing condition.

Pennsylvania residents may find it interesting to learn of a case wherein a 50-year-old man who underwent gastric sleeve surgery about three years ago alleges that his condition has worsened following the surgery. Sometime in 2011, the man claims that his doctors at a VA referred him for gastric sleeve surgery in an effort to control this blood pressure. At that time the man suffered from high BP, was obese and at risk of diabetes. The man alleges that following the surgery his body has been unable to keep down solid food, and he has suffered other health issues such as severe weight loss. Furthermore, the man allegedly developed stenosis and had to have additional surgeries to strengthen his spine.

As a result of the 2011 surgery, the 50-year-old allegedly made several additional visits to the emergency room. The man consulted with a doctor unaffiliated with the VA system regarding his worsened condition, and based on this consultation believes that the VA surgeon who initially performed the surgery on him in 2011 made a surgical mistake during the procedure. The man alleges that the he was informed by the other doctor that because the staples in his stomach were placed too closely, they have now created scar tissue which is preventing his body from digesting food. In order to rectify the problem, a complete gastric bypass surgery was recommended. The man wants the VA to admit their mistake, and take financial responsibility for his ensuing medical expenditure.

For the most part patients realize that any surgical procedure carries with it a risk. Nevertheless, a healthcare provider has an ongoing duty to ensure that a reasonable standard of care is provided. Despite this standard, any Philadelphia Surgical Errors attorney will agree that surgical mistakes routinely occur and cause serious harm to patients. In such cases, a patient or a family who has suffered irreparable harm may benefit by speaking with an attorney to explore legal options.

Source: Daily News, “Vet wants answers about surgery that left him with several health problems,” Laurel Wilson, July 22, 2014

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