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Minivan Ramps Sidewalk And Kills Philadelphia Woman

The injury of a loved one is never an easy experience, but watching a loved one get hurt in an accident first-hand is among the worst experiences imaginable. Philadelphia car accident attorneys do not relish seeing clients who have suffered, but they are the experienced help that the victim of an accident needs in a time of tragedy. One Philadelphia man may need just that after witnessing his wife get hit by a car on a sidewalk.

In an apparent drunk driving accident, the driver of a minivan who was intoxicated at 11am ramped up onto the sidewalk where the woman was cleaning. Police say that the front end and driver’s side door of the van were smashed in when it finally stopped further along the sidewalk. The 58-year-old woman did not survive the accident.

Drivers and pedestrians alike have a duty to obey traffic laws and exercise normal caution, and failure to do so can result in liability for injuries caused by negligent behavior. Obviously, driving after becoming intoxicated is not exercising any caution or respect for other drivers or pedestrians.

A pedestrian who is injured by a negligent driver may be able to recover medical expenses that have already accrued or occur in the future as a result of the accident. They may also be able to win damages for lost wages if they could not go to work due to injury, among a variety of other damages.

In the sad event that a reckless driver kills a loved one, a wrongful death suit may be the appropriate way to recover financially for the expenses that a sudden death can incur. A successful wrongful death suit may be able to recover for medical expenses, funeral expenses, and any other costs associated with an untimely death. Even though the trauma of such an accident can never be erased, financial recovery can make moving forward possible.

Source: CBS Philadelphia, “Police Investigating Fatal Pedestrian Accident In Northeast Philadelphia,” Oren Liebermann, Jenn Bernstein and Pat Loeb, Feb. 24, 2013

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