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Narcotics To Blame In Philadelphia Car Accident

A man in Philadelphia is facing criminal charges following an accident that left two people dead after a three-car pileup. Just after midnight, the man’s GMC Yukon broadsided a much-smaller Honda Accord, crushing the car and the two victims inside.

Philadelphia car accident attorneys note that even though criminal charges can land an at-fault driver jail time or fines, financial recovery for victims or their families has to come from a civil law case. If a victim can demonstrate that the other driver was driving negligently, then there are a variety of monetary damages that can be awarded.

Police said that the driver of the Yukon was clearly under the influence and also had drug paraphernalia in the vehicle with him. Drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs are common indicators of negligent driving since driving in an altered state makes it unlikely that a driver is exercising the reasonable care expected toward other drivers on the road. Police said that narcotics were at play in this crash based on the pills and a syringe present in the car.

In a fatal accident, surviving family members may be able to bring a wrongful death lawsuit against a negligent driver. A wrongful death suit makes it possible for the family of a victim to recover for the financial trauma that frequently comes from the death of a loved one. Unexpected funeral expenses and the loss of the deceased future income are frequent awards in wrongful death suits.

When people choose to drive while impaired, they take other people’s lives into their hands. And when that choice causes injury or takes a life, victims deserve help to recover and move on.

Source: NBC Philadelphia, “2 Killed, Driver Charged With DUI in 3-Car Crash,” Kelly Bayliss and Jesse Gary, Nov. 14, 2012

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