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PA Woman Seeks Damages After Surgical Error

After making the decision to see a doctor about some strange sensations in her elbow, a Pennsylvania woman found out that she had an old fracture that was giving her trouble after healing. The Philadelphia doctor who saw her recommended physical therapy and corrective surgery. But even after the surgery, she was having numbness and discomfort. Philadelphia surgical errors attorneys now confirm that the woman has filed a lawsuit alleging that the doctor negligently performed her surgery, causing further injury.

Hoping to finally have some relief from persistent elbow pain, the woman went to see a second doctor on the recommendation of the first, and she was told that she had nerve damage that would require more repair.

Not only has the woman suffered physically, but she also says that the strain of the pain and constant medical intervention has caused her “great emotional stress.”

The lawsuit alleges that the doctor who first treated her negligently cared for her, leaving her with injuries that she may never fully recover from. The doctor-patient relationship creates a duty of care, and when a doctor fails to care for a patient in the best was possible, then the doctor may be liable for injury and costs associated with the injury.

A successful medical malpractice lawsuit can provide real relief for someone who has suffered injury at the hands of a medical professional. If it can be proven that a doctor or other medical professional was negligent, then a patient could ultimately receive compensation for the extensive medical bills that frequently stem from the extra care that a surgical mistake can require. An experienced Philadelphia surgical errors lawyer can help fight for the recovery that an injured victim needs.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Phila. doc, orthopedic practice, Aria Health sued for medical malpractice,” Jon Campisi, Mar. 28, 2013

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