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Patients Suffer Eye Injury After Routine Cataract Surgery

Advances in medical technology have made many surgeries so efficient that they are now considered routine. Cataract surgeries are one example. Nevertheless, whether a surgery is routine or not, any type of surgery carries some risk. Errors during the procedure or during administration of medications can occur, and patients may suffer serious injury or be in left a worsened condition.

Residents of Pennsylvania may find it interesting to learn that clusters of cases of TASS, a syndrome which causes swelling of the cornea, have occurred following routine cataract surgery. In fact, according to reports in 2005 a national outbreak of TASS occurred due to a contaminated eye irrigating solution. Furthermore, in 2006 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention closely monitored nearly eight cases of TASS following cataract surgery.

Recently six patients who had routine cataract surgery at the same Florida clinic suffered eye injury, vision loss and TASS. The procedure was performed by the same doctor. The six affected patients have now filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the surgery center. According to a spokesperson for the surgery center, an investigation of the cluster cases is underway. The doctor in question has suggested that the antibiotic-steroid solution used for irrigation was bad. The patients’ surgical reports, however, do not contain any indication of a problem with the irrigation solution.

Having an existing medical condition worsen after a procedure is not acceptable. Any individual who has been harmed during a routine surgical procedure may want to consider contacting a Philadelphia surgery error lawyers for an evaluation of their legal options.

Source: NBC 6, “6 Patients Say Cataract Surgery at Coral Gables Surgery Center Cost Them All or Some of Their Sight,” Diana Gonzalez, Dec. 20, 2013

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