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Pennsylvania Anti-Aggressive Driving Campaigns Lower Crash Rates

Despite an increased focus on safety, car accidents continue to be a major problem in Pennsylvania. However, at least one Pennsylvania township is reporting a decline in car accidents in 2012.

According to the police chief in Northampton Township, there have been 14 fewer car crashes this year compared to 2011. While that may seem like a relatively low number, even a small reduction in crashes that result in injury or death is a major improvement. The decrease may be due to the fact that the Northampton Township Police Department has been conducting campaigns to stop aggressive driving.

Aggressive driving is a significant cause of car crashes, especially since aggression can so easily lead to recklessness. Common behaviors associated with aggressive driving include speeding and disregarding road signs. Sadly, this negligent driving behavior all too often leads to dangerous and deadly car accidents.

The Pennsylvania Aggressive Driving Enforcement and Education Project is an initiative that operates throughout the state to reduce deaths and injuries associated with aggressive driving. It regularly conducts enforcement campaigns, including a recent one that involved over 330 municipal police departments as well as the Pennsylvania State Police.

People who are involved in car accidents should be sure to call the police and file a report, especially if fault is in question. If a driver is cited for a moving violation, then it may be easier for an injured victim to prove negligence later on down the road. Even without a citation, a police report can serve as valuable evidence.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation currently considers an accident to be caused by aggressive driving only if there are two or more “crash factors,” such as speeding, swerving in lanes, disregarding traffic signals or road signs or tailgating. Someone injured in an accident involving these or any other crash factors should report the behaviors and encourage the police to seek witnesses to corroborate the aggressive driving.

Source: Northampton Patch, “Number of Car Crashes in Northampton Decreases,” Jesseka Kadylak, Sept. 27, 2012

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