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Pennsylvania Fairgoers Injured By Escaped Bull

People take risks every day when they enter a property other than their own, trusting that the premises are safe. Regardless of expectations, accidents happen all of the time, but few Philadelphia residents could imagine being wounded by a rodeo bull gone rogue at a fair.

Fourteen fairgoers were injured recently at the Harford Fair in Harford, Pennsylvania, when bull handlers failed to properly load four bulls onto a trailer, and one headed for the crowd. Though an injury from a rodeo bull may seem like an impossible occurrence to most urban dwellers, Philadelphia premises liability lawyers frequently see similar issues raised by injuries that range from a dog biting a neighbor to a customer suffering a slip and fall at a grocery store.

At the Harford Fair, the bulls were being loaded onto a trailer at the end of the night, and all four bulls were temporarily loose at one point, although only one escaped immediate capture. Some of the victims were injured by direct contact with the bull while others suffered injury when the panicky crowd swept them up.

The potential for injuries at fairs is relatively high due to large crowds, quickly assembled fair rides and a high concentration of large animals. In some states, animal owners have a duty to keep others safe from attacks by animals known to be dangerous. Other states impose strict liability, which makes an owner responsible for an injury imposed on a victim regardless of whether or not the animal was known to be dangerous.

Depending on outcome of the investigation into the Harford Fair accident, the victims may be able to recover from the owner of the bull, or perhaps even the fair operators who could have provided more safeguards to protect fairgoers.

Source:, “Police: Bull escaped by accident at Harford Fair,” August 28, 2012

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