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Pennsylvania State Police Cracking Down On Distracted Drivers

Smartphones offer people information at their fingertips, and touch screens have made it easy for people to use their handheld devices to surf the web, check social media, watch movies and listen to music clips. However, there is a time and place to use smartphones safely. Any Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney would probably agree that using handheld devices while driving is a dangerous activity that can result in car accidents, causing serious injuries and even death. In fact, in Pennsylvania it is illegal for all drivers to text and drive.

Pennsylvania residents may not realize it, but according to the Centers for Disease Control over 1,100 people suffer injuries and nearly nine people lose their lives daily on US roadways because of distracted drivers. The issue of distracted driving is a growing problem. Thus, in an effort to curb the problem of distracted driving numerous states, including Pennsylvania have teamed up to crack down on distracted driving. During the initiative, state police will concentrate on capturing distracted drivers, as well as ensuring that drivers put their phones aside while they are behind the wheel. The hope is to make the roads that drivers share with each other safer and prevent car accidents that can occur due to texting and driving.

It is great to see that state police are stepping up enforcement and cracking down on drivers who text and drive. However, despite such focused public safety initiatives, it is impossible for troopers to identify all offenders. Distracted drivers can still cause car accidents that can result in serious injuries and death.

Currently, Pennsylvania has a ban on texting for all drivers. Thus, if an individual who has suffered an injury in a car accident because of a distracted driver who may have been texting during driving, the victim may be able to hold that negligent driver responsible for damages.

Source: WCHS, “West Virginia State Police Cracking Down on Distracted Driving,” Chris Williams, July 19, 2014

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