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Philadelphia Car Crash Claims Life; Driver Runs From The Scene

Human nature tends to make people afraid of getting caught doing something wrong for fear of consequences, but it is hard to imagine the fear of getting caught making a person think it is okay to run away from a car crash that they just caused. A man in Philadelphia is expected to be charged with vehicular homicide after a car accident that injured another driver and killed the driver’s passenger.

On the Spring Garden Street Bridge, the victim’s car was broadsided by the arrested man’s car just after midnight. In this particular case, the hit-and-run driver ran from his car just after the accident but was apprehended about four hours later.

Someone injured in a car crash may be able to seek some financial compensation from an at-fault driver if they can prove that the driver was negligent in some way. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be an obvious indicator of negligence, but even more subtle circumstances like distracted driving or violating traffic signs or rules can establish negligent driving.

If negligence is established, a driver may be responsible for medical bills a victim incurred as a result of the accident. If a victim’s injuries limit the ability to work, loss of wages might even be considered in a civil suit.

The family of the passenger that was killed could pursue a wrongful death suit, which can provide some support for the remaining family of the deceased. Loved ones of a person killed in an accident often struggle with expenses related to the funeral, and if the person killed supported a family, that loss of support can be devastating.

Regardless of the criminal charges brought against a person that causes an accident, victims of the accident can pursue a civil suit to try to reclaim financial compensation to help them rebuild in the aftermath.

Source: NBC 10 Philadelphia, “Art Museum Area Hit-&-Run Kills Woman,” Kelly Bayliss and Dan Stamm, Oct. 16, 2012

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