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Philadelphia Doctors Examine Preemie Oxygen Levels

Doctors are currently striving to find the ideal oxygen levels to provide to babies who are born prematurely. Philadelphia birth injury attorneys are examining the recent studies released, working to determine what the best results are for a healthy baby. The chair of the neonatology department at the University of Pennsylvania at Philadelphia notes that the search for the perfect oxygen levels has been going on for years.

Newborn babies are monitored for a variety of things, including the oxygen saturation in their blood. Some studies have found that if not enough pure oxygen is provided to the baby, mortality rates increase dramatically.

Lack of oxygen in a newborn preemie can obviously result in death, but it can also cause retinopathy or brain injury, among other illnesses. But one new study showed that if the baby’s oxygen levels remained between 86% and 94%, then neither mortality rates nor serious disability rates increased.

There are typically many medical staff members present at a birth, especially if the baby is preterm. Working together, everyone has a responsibility to render diligent, careful medical care. The more people are involved and the more dangerous the birth conditions are raise the likelihood of a birth injury.

A family who believes that their child did not receive the best medical care and suffered injury during the birth process should be sure to have their medical files reviewed. Whether a person was clearly negligent during the delivery or the baby has an injury that could not have occurred but for an unskilled delivery, families deserve compensation to aid in the medical care of the baby. A skilled Philadelphia birth injury lawyer can help to get the most financial recovery possible.

Source: Medscape News, “Safe Oxygen Targets for Preemies Unclear, Doctors to Choose,” Neil Canavan, May 10, 2013

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