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Philadelphia Driver Runs Red Light, Injures 3 People

When people get behind the wheel of a car, they have the responsibility to drive carefully. Drivers need to pay attention to the road, avoid drugs and alcohol and follow traffic rules. If people are violating these rules then they are likely negligent drivers. When people drive negligently, as any Philadelphia car accident attorney knows, they can easily cause serious car accidents.

Recently, a father and his son were injured along with a police officer in a car crash in Philadelphia. The 38-year-old father had been driving west on Arch street one afternoon with his son in the car. When his car approached 19th street, a van ran a red light and hit both a police cruiser and the man’s car.

As a result of the accident, the father, the 4-year-old son and the police officer were all injured and taken to local hospitals. The father broke his leg in the accident but is expected to fully recover. The son, on the other hand, had only minor injuries.

The police say that they will continue to investigate the cause of this accident and determine if criminal charges are necessary. Whether or not criminal charges are filed, this man will want to explore his legal options. Obeying traffic lights is a basic rule of the road that all drivers must follow, if the van’s driver did in fact run the red light, it is likely that driver was negligent in causing the accident.

When negligent drivers cause car crashes, they are financially responsible for any damages caused by the accident. These damages could include any medical expenses suffered by the man or his son, any lost wages the man may have had because of this broken leg and any rehabilitation costs the man might have.

Source: CBS Philly, “Father, Son Injured In Center City Car Accident Involving Police Car,” Dan Wing, June 16, 2013

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