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Philadelphia Driver Runs Red Light, Injures Bystanders

Drivers as well as pedestrians in the Philadelphia area must always be on alert to the dangers surrounding them on the streets. Yet even the most cautious individuals may find themselves at the mercy of an inattentive or careless driver. In such cases, a Philadelphia car accident attorney can provide invaluable assistance to victims who may be dealing with medical bills, lost wages due to missed time at work, and pain and suffering.

Recently, a father and young son were left with serious injuries after being hit by a car. The driver of the vehicle ran a red light, first striking a police cruiser before running into the father and his 4-year-old son. The father suffered a broken leg and the son was taken to the hospital for observation. Police are continuing their investigation into the incident.

When car accidents occur, a key legal determination is whether or not negligence was a contributing factor in the collision. In general, drivers must exercise reasonable care under the circumstances when operating their vehicles. Failure in this duty is negligence. Some common examples of negligent driving include speeding, driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or disobeying traffic signs. Those injured by negligent drivers may be able to seek compensation through personal injury claims.

Philadelphia drivers and pedestrians should expect that those operating motor vehicles will be vigilant and follow all traffic laws. When drivers fail in the duty they owe to others, then the injured party has the right to consult with a Philadelphia car accident lawyer who can assist with navigating potential legal options.

Source: CBS Philly, “Father, Son Injured in Center City Car Accident Involving Police car“, Dan Wing, June 16, 2013

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