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Philadelphia Drivers: Beware Teens Texting At The Wheel

Residents of Philadelphia know the dangers of texting while driving all too well. The dangers associated with texting while driving and other driving distractions are especially true for teens. Study after study shows that texting while driving is dangerous, yet people still do it and any Philadelphia car accident attorney can attest to the injuries victims suffer on a daily basis.

A recent study showed that texting while driving, just like ADHD, can significantly impair the driving performance of teenagers. The medical center conducting the study used a driving simulator on 16 and 17-year-old drivers to test their driving performance for 40 minutes. During the 40-minute simulation the teens were allowed to talk on the phone and text while driving. The researchers measured the speed and the lane position of the drivers.

It may not be a big surprise to learn that the researchers found that texting significantly impacted the drivers’ speed and lane position. One researcher stated that the reason he thinks that texting is especially dangerous is because it involves manual, cognitive and visual distractions. The test subjects who had ADHD fared worse than the subjects without ADHD under the same conditions, but texting impaired the teens’ driving ability regardless.

Drivers of all ages who choose to talk on their cell phones or to send text messages while driving can be held liable if anybody is injured due to their distracted driving or if there is damage from a car accident caused by their distracted driving. Victims of the distracted driver can bring a lawsuit alleging negligence. All drivers owe other drivers, pedestrians, or anybody else who could be harmed a duty to act in a reasonable manner to keep those people safe. When that duty is breached, the driver has been negligent.

Philadelphia drivers need to be cautious on the roadway and refrain from texting while driving. Victims of a car accident caused by the other driver’s distracted driving may want to discuss their rights to seek compensation with a Philadelphia Car Accident Attorney.

Source: Science Daily, “ADHD and Texting Found to Significantly Impair Teenage Driving,” Aug. 12, 2013

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