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Philadelphia Man Sues Amtrak After Slip And Fall At Station

Philadelphia residents likely have used Amtrak to commute from one part of the large metro area surrounding a city to another. When doing so, they automatically expect that they will be able to hurry through the station in order to catch a train. In fact, Amtrak and others in charge of maintaining the train line’s many stations have an obligation to keep the stations safe for busy commuters by cleaning up any hazardous substances that might cause a passenger to fall or otherwise suffer an injury.

One Philadelphia man who says he was injured at an Amtrak station in another state has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Amtrak as well as two state agencies also responsible for maintaining the station. A Philadelphia premises liability lawyer filed the suit on behalf of the victim.

According to the paperwork filed with the court, the man slipped and fell on an escalator at the Amtrak station due to a certain slick residue on the escalator at the time of his fall. As the result of his fall, the man suffered several injuries, including broken teeth.

The suit alleges that both Amtrak and the other agencies named as defendants in the lawsuit either knew or should have known that the escalator was not safe. The man therefore claims that the defendants were negligent and is seeking $50,000 in damages.

People who take the public transportation system are often in a hurry, and that is one reason why it is so important for those who run the mass transit systems in the Philadelphia area to keep them clean and safe. In the rush of a morning or evening commute, anyone could slip and fall or otherwise hurt themselves due to a dangerous property condition.

Those who have been injured because of the condition of a train, subway station or other public place may find a Philadelphia premises liability lawyer a helpful source of advice. A legal professional can describe in more detail what forms of compensation may be available to a victim.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Amtrak files petition to transfer premises liability action out of Pa. state court,” Jon Campisi, July 1, 2013

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