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Philadelphia NFL Lawsuit Joined By Seau's Family

Another chapter in the saga involving the NFL and lawsuits claiming that the NFL failed to protect and treat head injuries properly is unfolding. The Junior Seau wrongful death lawsuits that were originally filed in California have been consolidated with the huge concussion litigation set in Philadelphia. Philadelphia misdiagnosis lawyers say that failure to properly diagnose and treat a concussion can create lifelong problems for anyone, but especially for professional athletes.

Seau committed suicide last year after battling depression, apparently a result of the repeated traumatic brain injury he suffered as a linebacker. His autopsy confirmed that he suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy, consistent with repeated concussions.

The NFL is accused of negligently hiding information and warnings about concussions for fear of changing the league and causing players to be out of commission for longer periods of time after diagnosis of a concussion. NFL doctors are responsible for checking players for symptoms of concussions and clearing them for play again after injury.

Though the NFL denies any wrongdoing, around 4,000 former NFL players argue that failing to warn them about the known risks of concussions and “glorifying violence” led to severe and permanent injuries.

Although there is no medical test that can prove a concussion has occurred, there are well-known signs of brain injury, and a medical professional performing their work competently will recognize the symptoms. Someone who believes that they were the victim of a failed diagnosis or suffered extended harm because of a misdiagnosis should know that there is help available. An experienced attorney can help determine how to help get the most compensation possible.

Source: ESPN, “Seau suit merged with Pa. case,” Apr. 2, 2013

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