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School Bus Accident Leaves 85 Year Old Injured

As drivers negotiate crossing paths, intersections are an obvious location of many accidents. A car accident that occurred about 40 miles north of downtown Philadelphia involving two SUVs and a bus left some injuries among the people involved, including an 85-year-old woman.

Philadelphia car accident attorneys stress the importance of filing a police report when an accident happens. Establishing fault in an accident is extremely important for insurance purposes. Many insurance companies are hesitant to make any progress or payouts after an accident until they receive a copy of the official police report.

In this accident, an SUV and a school bus entered the intersection at the same time, causing the bus to crash into the SUV. Both vehicles then careened into a second SUV. It appears that the only serious injuries were sustained by the passenger of the first SUV, who was sent to a nearby hospital. With so much going on, it’s easy to see why an official police report is necessary to establish fault.

After fault is established, drivers can work with their insurance providers to try to get reimbursements, but sometimes fault or insurance caps won’t adequately compensate someone after an accident. In a civil lawsuit, an injured victim can try to get financial compensation from an at-fault party.

A successful negligence suit can yield reimbursement for medical bills, vehicle damage, and even pain and suffering in some cases. And even if more than one of the drivers shares responsibility for the accident, Pennsylvania allows for comparative negligence, which awards damages to the parties involved based on how much responsibility they own in the accident.

After being injured in an accident, a victim should keep in mind that there are options and avenues to recovery.

Source: CBS Philadelphia, “Elderly Woman Injured In Multi-Vehicle Accident In Montgomery County,” Jan. 15, 2013

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