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Seeking A Second Opinion May Reduce Medical And Surgical Mistakes

Our Pennsylvania readers may be aware of the recent study which noted that over 400,000 patients who visited hospitals experienced some kind of avoidable harm which resulted in death. In fact, according to reports medical mistakes in the U.S. cost the nation nearly $20 billion each year.

Such statistics can be scary for most patients and their families, and any Philadelphia surgical errors attorney will agree that being told by a physician that one is afflicted with a serious ailment or condition can not only be alarming but also nerve wrecking. Thus, our readers may find it helpful to learn that seeking a second opinion for one’s diagnosis may help the patient understand what ails them, and what treatment options they have.

According to reports, getting a second medical opinion from top doctors is only a click away. Patients can visit a website called SecondOpinions to connect with doctors in any specialty from anywhere in the world to get a second opinion about their medical condition.

In one case, a patient who was told that she needed back surgery which would require her to be in recovery for months, and could potentially impact her mobility and lifestyle, got a whole different medical opinion when she visited SecondOpinions. A neurosurgeon and neuroradiologist examined her uploaded medical images, and opinioned that she was not a surgical patient. Originally she was told by her doctor that if she does not undergo the surgery, she would likely be crippled.

The founder of SecondOpinions notes that nearly 40 to50 percent of the time a second medical opinion leads to a substantially different diagnosis from the original. The cost of the service varies but given the dire statistics on preventable medical mistakes and medical errors that result in serious injury and death, getting a second opinion may not be a bad idea.

Source: KSAT, “Saving Lives With Second Opinions: Right From Your Home,” April 2, 2014

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