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Several Injured After Car Crashes Into A Pennsylvania Shoe Store

Most shoppers do not expect to see a car crash into the store they are in and hurt people. However, according to recent reports, this is exactly what happened at shoe store in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Preliminary accident investigation reports indicate that a 75-year-old man drove his vehicle into a shopping center on Swedesford Road around 6:00 p.m. on March 11.

According to authorities, the man kept driving and in the process ended up pinning a customer to a wall. It apparently took nearly 20 minutes for firefighters to free the customer. The car crash caused so much damage that another shopper in the store and a store employee were both struck with flying debris. Witnesses at a nearby Panera Bread described the incident as very sudden.

Following the car accident, four people, including the 75-year-old driver, were transported to a nearby hospital for treatment. One individual was listed in serious condition, while two others were treated for their injuries and released.

Car crashes can often happen without warning or notice, resulting in serious injury to people when they least expect it. Any Philadelphia car accident attorney would probably agree that first and foremost it is important to attend to medical needs. Additionally, for those involved in any car accident or crash which results in injuries, it may be helpful to get more information about legal options because an injured party may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering and medical expensing stemming from the accident. Generally, in order to build a strong personal injury case, it is important to gather witness statements, review any surveillance tapes, and get copies of accident, police and medical reports early on.

Source: CBS, “4 Hospitalized After Car Crashes into Chester County Shoe Store,” March 11, 2014

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