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Slip-and-Fall Lawsuit Filed Against Golden Corral Restaurant

People visit restaurants all the time to enjoy a wholesome meal. Generally, those who go a restaurant expect the restaurant premises to be a safe, fairly well maintained and free of potentially hazardous conditions. In short, no one expects to get hurt at a restaurant.

Pennsylvania residents may be interested to know a woman recently filed a slip-and-fall lawsuit against a Golden Corral restaurant. In her lawsuit, the victim claims she suffered serious injuries when she fell. The incident occurred when the woman got her food and was headed back to her table when she encountered water on the floor and slipped and fell. As a result of the slip and subsequent crash to the floor, the victim suffered injuries.

The woman’s lawsuit specifically accuses the restaurant of not providing a safe service area for patrons, not properly inspecting and maintaining its premises, not giving adequate warning of a hazardous condition, not keeping its floor dry, not supervising its employees properly and for failing to discover and fix the issue. She is seeking compensation for incurred medical expenses, endured physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, physical disfigurement and diminished enjoyment of life.

A Philadelphia Premises liability lawyer will tell an injured party that a property owner has an on-going duty to ensure his or her premises are safe for those who enter. In the event a property owner fails to exercise reasonable care in ensuring their property is safe, that owner may be sued for negligence by someone who suffers an injury as a result of the unsafe condition. When a dangerous condition is identified, the owner has the responsibility to fix it or at least post a warning to notify people of the condition. Anyone who believes he or she has suffered an injury due to an unsafe condition should consider contacting a premises liability attorney.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Golden Corral sued by customer allegedly injured in slip and fall on way back from buffet,” Kyle Barnett, Dec. 17, 2013

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