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Study Shows Folic Acid Helps Avoid Autism, Other Birth Defects

Most pregnant women work hard to do all of the right things to grow a healthy baby: eat right, exercise, and take time to rest among the most common. But a recent study shows that one simple addition to a pregnancy diet can reduce the risk of a baby being born with autism. Folic acid has long been regarded as important in staving off birth defects, but it is now being regarded as useful in avoiding autism as well.

Philadelphia birth injury attorneys say that some known contributing factors to the diagnosis of autism include a pregnant woman’s exposure to pollution or taking certain medications. But the most recent study, involving 85,000 Norwegian children, confirms earlier studies linking folic acid to lower language delays, says the director of the Philadelphia Autism Institute.

Of course, even if a pregnant woman does everything “right,” if does not guarantee that her baby will not suffer from a birth defect or birth injury. However, a woman should expect her doctor to provide her with the most up-to-date information on proper pregnancy care. Many birth injuries can be prevented if a woman knows how to take care of herself while pregnant.

If a woman believes that she was misguided by her doctor about how to properly care for herself during her pregnancy, she should consider making sure that she was given all of the relevant medical advice available. Doctors are responsible for following generally accepted practices, and when a woman is pregnant, it is important for a doctor to help a woman understand the best ways to grow a healthy fetus.

A healthy pregnancy is the best way to have a healthy baby, and a woman should count on her doctor to help her have the best pregnancy possible.

Source: USA Today, “Study links folic acid to lower autism risk,” Liz Szabo, Feb. 12, 2013

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