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Teen Distracted Driving Plays Major Role in Car Accidents

Distracted teen drivers are a severe problem, learn more from the car accident attorneys at The Colleran Firm

Many of today’s teenagers have gadgets readily available to them for use. It is not uncommon to see teens constantly using their phones to talk, text, listen to music and more. Thus, one may wonder if this prolific use of cell phones distracts teens while performing tasks that require attention and alertness such as driving a car.

Our Philadelphia residents will find it interesting to learn that a recent study published in the Journal of Transportation Safety & Security found that nearly 27 percent of teens surveyed for this study indicated that while driving a car they have changed clothes, shoes, applied make-up, swapped out their contact lenses and even done homework.

Though most people think that distracted driving is primarily caused by the use of a cell phone, clearly distractions while driving a car that can result in a car accident are numerous. Distracted driving accidents can be caused any driver and such accidents are not limited to teen drivers. However, teenagers tend to be first time drivers, have less experience on the roads and may have a less awareness about the risks of distracted driving. All these factors combined together can result in car accidents causing serious injuries and even death.

Furthermore, the study found that taking one’s eyes off the road for a mere two seconds or more increases the chance of being involved in a car accident from four to 24 times. The ability to react quickly to avert a collision is diminished when a driver is distracted. Currently, Pennsylvania has a state wide law in place prohibiting texting while driving only for all drivers. Nevertheless, this recent survey shows that distracted driving is much more than just texting.

As various gadgets become an integral part of our daily lives, the temptation to use them constantly can also increase. For anyone who has sustained injuries in a car accident may find it helpful to consult with Philadelphia car accident attorney regarding the specific circumstances surrounding their case.

Source: Tech Times, “Study Shows Many Teens Change Their Clothes While Driving,” Nicole Arce, March 20, 2015

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