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Teen Killed In Car Versus Pedestrian Accident

Parents worry about their teenagers spending free time making questionable choices about drugs, alcohol and even the company they choose to spend time with. But even when teenagers are making good choices, unexpected tragedy can still strike. Police and Philadelphia car accident attorneys are investigating the death of a 15-year-old boy after he was hit by a car while walking on the side of a highway.

The driver of the car was found in a parking lot near the scene of the accident with some damage to the passenger side of the car. It is not yet known if criminal charges will be filed against the driver of the car.

The cause of death of the teen was ruled to be accidental. Whether or not criminal charges are filed against the driver, the surviving family of the boy may be able to seek damages in a civil lawsuit. A common action after a tragic loss of life is a wrongful death suit, where the surviving family members seek compensation for the financial impact of an unexpected death.

A wrongful death lawsuit may be the best route to recovery in a case where no criminal charges are filed. A wrongful death action requires that the at-fault party was negligent and that the death resulted from the negligent actions. A person can behave negligently even if there was no criminal intent or element.

Someone whose loved one was killed in an accident can consider the appropriateness of a wrongful death suit. The financial burden of a tragic death can be heavy, and an experienced Philadelphia car accident lawyer can help fight for the most compensation available.

Source: CBS Philadelphia, “Teen Killed After Being Struck By Car Along Route 309 In Hatfield Township,” Apr. 27, 2013

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