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Tragic Pennsylvania Accidents Kills Young Mother And Son

Despite their prevalence, most Philadelphia residents never expect that they will be involved in a serious car accident. When an accident occurs, they may be in shock, reeling from the pain and emotional trauma, not to mention the financial consequences, resulting from the crash. For victims of car accidents who do not know where to turn or what to do next, the guidance of a Philadelphia car accident attorney can be invaluable.

A recent deadly car crash in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, resulted in the death of a young mother and her seven-year-old son. The mother and son were traveling with the rest of their family-the father and a 15-month-old, when their car was hit by a pickup truck that had already collided with another vehicle. In addition to the two fatalities, the father was taken to the hospital in serious condition. The exact cause of the accident is not yet known, but the other driver was a 65-year-old man who veered into oncoming traffic.

A car accident like this involving a mother and her young child is especially tragic. Not only is the surviving husband and father struggling to recover from his own injuries, but he must also face the daunting reality of being left alone with his small baby. There are undoubtedly many expenses and financial consequences resulting from the accident, not least of which are simply the medical bills and funeral costs.

A Philadelphia car accident lawyer can help victims in these situations by explaining how a personal injury lawsuit can help them recover desperately needed compensation. The attorney can also take the lead on gathering evidence and conducting a detailed investigation of the accident in order to build a strong case. Attorneys will also know how to communicate with insurance companies and where potential sources of monetary compensation can be found.

Source:, “Mother, child killedin 3-car crash in Monroeville; Father in serious condition,” July 19, 2013

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