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University Facing Premises Liability Suit After Student Attacked

As students across the nation return to their college campus following spring break and get ready for finals, many expect their university college premises to be fairly safe and for university administrators to ensure that campus is well lit after dark for safety reasons. Pennsylvania residents may have heard that recently a Villanova University student filed a premises liability lawsuit against the university after he was attacked by a fellow student.

The lawsuit stems from an incident that occurred a couple of years ago when the student suffered traumatic physical injuries, including facial fractures, following an attack in a dimly lit area on campus. The injured student alleges that there was no video surveillance and the university did not provide an emergency call box in the area, which could have helped him to call security for assistance. Following the attack, the student required surgery on his face and nose. In addition to the physical trauma, in his lawsuit the student notes that he suffered severe emotional and psychological distress.

The student sued Villanova University for premises liability and negligent supervision. Allegedly at the time of the attack, the university had received a number of reports of criminal acts on campus which may have warranted additional security on campus.

According to the lawsuit, the university knew or should have known that the criminal activity was occurring on campus and posed a hazardous and dangerous condition which could cause bodily harm to its student body. Furthermore, the lawsuit notes that based on this the university had a duty to ensure student safety by taking steps such as providing proper or adequate security on campus. The student is seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

Source:¬†Pennsylvania Record, “Student attacked on campus sues Villanova University for negligent supervision,” Heidi Villari, March 31, 2014

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